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Would you like to Chat LIVE with other people dealing with SMA?  Ask questions, provide help, swap ideas-set up times you'd like to chat live with your own circles or meet new ones!  Simply click on the button below to start!


Our Guestbook works as a message board for parents, caregivers, aunts, relatives, friends, or anyone to leave messages, ask questions, provide support or information, at any time!  Come Talk To Us!

E-mail Chat Lists!

The Purpose:  The SMA Chat lists are for those who would like to talk back and forth publicly yet privately...they are not public forums for 'lurking'.  If anyone is just interested in keeping up with what is going on in the SMA community in general, the FSMA and SMA Support Boards/guestbook do an excellent job of that.  Feel free to post messages or 'lurk' on these at any time!  By that token, if a person does not wish to actively 'talk', these are not for do not want to get stuck with a large number of e-mails regarding conversations back and forth of which you are not a part. ;)  

If you are interested in joining up, jumping in and talking with other SMA parents, children's caretakers, or other family/friend members dealing with SMA by semi-private e-mail, join up below at the appropriate list and we'll be delighted to have you!

For those who have already signed up, E-mail Me to get the web addresses for the listing of current subscribers.

You are certainly welcome to be a member of more than one chat list at a time.


Consists of a few adults with SMA, Type 1 and Type 2 parents of kids both here and passed away, parents of Type 3 children, aunts, caregivers, nurses, a few dads, NIV users, a few non-niv users, amino acid diet users, non diet users, etc. It has over 100 members and is a very busy list, but wonderfully informative, diverse, and helpful!

If you are interested, EMAIL me with your name and e-mail address to join.


Specifically for those people who have already made their decision to follow Palliative or Comfort Care (minimum to no intervention in dealing with SMA) and would like to receive support from other families who are going through or have gone through the same thing themselves. Also for families who have already gone through this and would like to be there in support of other families. It isn't a debate list or open to opposing views.

If you are interested, EMAIL me with your name and e-mail address to join.


The Grief Support Chat List is available for those persons dealing with grief in the loss of a child and would like to connect with other parents, family members or caregivers who are also dealing with these issues in their lives.  Grief is a lifelong burden that can be made just a bit lighter by sharing it with others who are also on the journey.

If you are interested, EMAIL me with your name and e-mail address to join.


Short for the "Cyber Blubber Buddies", also known as the "Chubby But Beautiful" chat list.  This group is here specifically to help each other on their quest to *finally* take time for themselves as well. Get healthy, get fit, get weight and life back under control.

If you are interested, EMAIL me with your name and e-mail address to join.


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