Greenville, S. Carolina
August 19-23, 2004
Page One!

Please be patient while these photos load...there are many!

Annah Woody & Lily Barnett Snuggling


Annah & Lily


Annah Sings "Oops I Did It Again!"


Annah & Lily


Aubrey & Lily


The Butterfly Crew!


Erinne Williams


Hannah Price


Kalair Myrick


Madison Reed


Skyler McAdams


Downtown Greenville


The Girls Go Downtown


The Westin-Poinsett Lobby


Katelyn Crowder




Hanging out!


Miss Lily


Aubrey Green bright and sunny!


Lucas McAdams holding James Smith


The Gang


Miss Hannah


Christian Ward


Peg Bailey & James Smith


The Westin-Poinsett Lobby


 Miss Kalair



The Peace Center in Greenville, where the balloon release and candle lighting was held.


The balloons going out...


Katelyn with her balloon


Balloons being released 3-2-1-


Going, going, gone...


Lighting a candle for SMA


Princess Skyler


Sweet Kalair


Kaylee Stants and James Smith


The ballroom doors


Lucas telling a joke


The girls


Lucas getting his arm painted.

Christian Ward getting his face painted




James dancing




Amy & Lily Barnett Dancing


Miss Erinne Williams


The wonderful balloon guys!


Kaylee Stants




Stacy and Clayton with Bugs Bunny Balloon


Christian with his Road Runner


Kaylee showing Peg her butterfly balloon


The girls


Handome William


Annah singing


Annah singing some more for us!


Annah & Lily


Our evening entertainment of Kristin, Casey & Lucas!


Eliza, Ian and James blowing bubbles


Madison & Annette Reed


The Crowders


Hannah Price Singing


Liz and Kalair


More girls!


Annah singing


The Greenville Zoo!


Madison Berger and the orangutan checking each other out.


Annah, Kristin and Lily


Annah & James


The girls!


Madison, Annah & Kristin


Ashley & Casey dancing


Kaylee getting her face painted


Katelyn & Kalair










Laura Stants opening her gift from some of the families


The butterfly girls!


Erinne & Christian




Christian, William & Lucas







"Little Angel of Mine"


Mom Jeni as DJ for Annah


Annah Singing


Lucas Singing


Hannah Price singing



Stacey & Katelyn


Lily trying Lemons!



Just relaxing!

Emily & Aubrey Green and Amy & Lily Barnett Dancing Away!





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