For Hannah & Jennifer

Jen, many of your SMA family have held a prayer and candlelight vigil for you and your daughter tonight.  Below are some of the prayers and pictures as people are thinking of you and Hannah.

Hannah Perkins, SMA 1, 18 months old!

We had our candle lit and said a prayer.  We hope you get better soon little Hannah!  God Bless the Perkins family! Karen Reilly, Tim (4 years), Owen (3 years), and  Connor (20 months, type 1 SMA)

A candle has been lit all day.  Prayers coming from us and everyone I spoke to today for Hannah's quick recovery, and strength for Jen and her husband.  God bless!  Lorraine, Jimmy's Mom.

We have spent many moments today in prayer for Hannah and her family.  May God grant you the peace and strength you need to get through this and wisdom for the doctors to know what best to do for Hannah...  Steve, Laura & Kaylee Stants

Our candle for Hannah was lit at 7 pm and our prayers are with Hannah and her parents. Praying for a turn-around and strength and peace...Tine Powell, Mom to GILLY

Our prayers are going up for Hannah and her family and for the doctors that are taking care of her. We love you, Hannah!  Sue, Gene, Casey and Colin

We are praying hard here! I have all my other friends praying and thinking of Hannah. I had my grandma add Hannah to the church prayer list. So many people will be praying!  MJ Purk

Our candle is lit and we will continue to pray for Hannah and her parents. We are praying for her recovery and for comfort. Emily

A special prayer for Hannah from Emma...

We offered up our heartfelt prayers for the Perkins family and lit a candle.  I pray that EACH candle that has been and is being lit is seen by our Father in heaven and his mercy shines down on Hannah.  Our hearts have been brought together by this amazing SMA family and each child I feel is one of MY immediate family!  Our thoughts and prayers go out for this amazing little girl with so much strength and fight in her, her life shines like the flame of our candle.  We pray for her miracle and that God continues to grant her strength to continue to fight this fight!  Amy & Lily Barnette

We lit our candle and said many prayers for you sweet Hannah....God bless you and your family.  Lisa, Bill & Billy Spiegel

Our prayers went out tonight from both Dylan and myself.  I also talked to Mia and asked her to please stay close to Hannah and bring her comfort. I know she will. Our candle is still burning and Hannah is still in my heart.....God Bless...Stacey, Dylan and Mia Haq


Sierra and I will also have a candle burning! We are praying for Hannah!  Shaylene & Sierra Factor

We had candles lit all over the house last night for Hannah.. We are still saying lots of prayers for her quick recovery.  Crystal & Devin Arnold

Our candles were lit all day for Hannah. We pray that she stays strong and recovers quick. Prayers also to Jennifer and her husband. We love you Hannah!  Tracy Murray & Skyler Saranchuk

Brett wanted to light a candle too and he said a little prayer after we lit it- God Please help Hannah get better so she can be with her mommy and daddy.  Kristal Koehler & Brett Wilson

We lit a candle last night for Hannah (picture coming soon!) and Casey said a really beautiful (LONG! LOL) prayer.  She prayed that Hannah's blood gets better so that she can get well and go home with her Mommy and Daddy.  Luke chose to say a silent prayer, but also said that he just wants her to get better so she can go home.  Jeff and I told them how strong Hannah is...that she has been fighting, along with her parents, to get well...and that she is just amazing in just how happy and playful she is while she is going through all of this.  We'll continue to pray...hard...that Hannah will maintain her strength and keep getting better and better!!  We love you Perkins Family!!  Kim, Jeff, Skyler, Casey & Luke McAdams


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